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About Scoobe Oh Boy:

Curtis Sayon aka "Scoobee OH boy", is a versatile and influential artist born off the Ivory Coast of Africa. His influences include 50 Cent and The Game. The inspiration for subject matter he reference is derived from his experience's, as well as the experience's of those close to him. The work being produced now, until eternity will only showcase high-class respect for hip hop; those who made it, and those who love it. Never one to brag in discussion, Curtis is a believer in letting the music relay the message first, then opening up the forum for questions. He is one of the last to truly take responsibility for his lyrics, and use them to make the listener think, smile, cry, and most importantly, live, better. " "

Scoobee OH boy" is now quickly emerging as the best underground hip hop artist emerging from Iowa. Beginning a new trend of music, "Scoobee OH boy" has visions to sustain those around him with his accomplishments and success. With a passion for the youth, he desires to encourage them to remain confident in themselves, stay in school and say no to drugs. An aspiration to serve others keeps him vigilant in pressing forward into his thriving future. Now connecting with the right individuals who can take his artistry to the top, "Scoobee OH boy" is destined for success.

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