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About Open Mind:

Open Mind is a pop rock band from Buckinghamshire, England determined to put a new mark on the music industry with their flawless performances and unique original material. They have worked closely with Superhet Productions in the past, recording three singles for 2013. They have been performing together as a band for 7 years and through determination and motivation they have come a very long way. After hundreds of recordings over the years to find their own unique sound, they are now on the mission to extend their fan base and let people enjoy their music like they have enjoyed making it.

Open Mind formed when they were all going through the gruelling process of GCSE's and A Levels. Then on they gigged around London supporting shows to then Headlining shows. They were named 'best up and coming band' in 2008. They split due to the inevitable change where some went to university and some worked. They made their big comeback by touring in the summer of 2013 after their Single release of 'Control' - 26th April 2013.

Most recently, Open Mind has released their latest hit single, "15 Minutes of Fame," along with an awesome music video in which Sodiem is featured. Check out the latest from Open Mind and head over to their website where you can download their latest single free for a limited time.

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