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Alan Navarro AKA EndzGotOddRoots is an independent artist from our hometown of Orange County, CA. Recently, Endz was featured as one of Orange County's top 10 rappers, along with Emcee Classiq, Phora, and more. Endz is part of "Locally Grown Collective," an Orange County Music Award nominee and diverse group of young artists that can be seen putting their talent on display on this episode of "The Cypher Effect." Endz exhibits a broad rhyme pallet when coupled with his Locally Grown Collective group. Recently, he has even went as far as dropping an all-spanish EP "Rimas En Mi Mochila" demonstrating his ability to kill beats in another language. The moniker, "Endz" was inspired by his dislike of starting what he can't finish, a true motivating factor for his music. Endz and the Locally Grown Collective have been putting in tremendous amounts of work all around Southern Californa. Be sure to follow Endz and check out his music below.

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