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Emcee Classiq

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About Emcee Classiq:

Emcee Classiq, 1/3 of the Hip- Hop Trio “Brothers Next Door“, is a lyricist with his own lane. Favoring the raw yet soulful sound. This Emcee is what you call, a “Student and Lover of the Hip-Hop culture“ especially the music. The heavy influences from pioneers such as Nas, Jay-z, Biggie, Slum Village, ATCQ, have allowed this Emcee to hone his skills around being lyrical and conceptual with his music. Following within the same aura as his fellow group mates, he adds the rawness to his hard hitting, rebellious, yet eloquent flow. He defines his music as “Underground” which, to him, means “Truth”. In his first mix tape called “The Interview “he introduces himself to his audience with conceptual themed songs and playful word play. Allowing the audience to step in the hallways of his life .

Emcee Classiq has opened up for some of HipHop’s pioneers such as KRS One, Murs , EPMD, and Method Man. He also has been reviewed recently on Hip-hop blog sites such , just to name a few. Classiq has become a known name in Orange County’s Hip-Hop scene, priding himself in being an Entertainer. His lyrical skills with his showmanship makes him amazing to watch. “There is not a lot of recognition for artist in the OC unless they’re mimicking whats on the radio. So I have a good creative team around me where we brainstorm ideas. We work hard at keeping it original and authentic.” Emcee Classiq has just recently released “The Cosign” Ep which you can find on with standout tracks such as “Just Breathe” , “I still do” and “Bifocals”. Classiq continues to campaign to make it on bigger stages. It definitely won’t be too long until he expands from well-known local act to national household name.

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Latest News:

Emcee Classiq performs at the OC Fair

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Emcee Classiq's Performance at The Observatory

Emcee Classiq Performing live with Phora at The Observatory

Emcee Classiq - Live Performance opening for Method Man

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