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  • Open Mind "15 Minutes of Fame" Music Video Premier

    Open Mind is a pop rock band from Buckinghamshire, England determined to put a new mark on the music industry with their flawless performances and unique original material. Last year, after splitting up to pursue different career paths, they reunited, recorded, and released their hit single "Control," which has earned almost 10k views on Youtube so far. Open Mind is a very talented group of young artists that display an incredible amount of quality in their music and video productions. Read more about Open Mind and check out their latest Music video for their single, "15 Minutes of Fame" and more on their Sodiem Spotlight Page.

  • Emcee Classiq Drops "Cupid's Vices" EP

    Emcee Classiq, who recently announced an official sponsorship deal with Boss Boy Clothing, is dropping his latest album "Cupid's Vices" today. From their Bandcamp Website:

    "Cupid's Vices is a conceptual album, where the true meaning of love is laid on the table for discussion. We seek love and rely on Cupid's steady bow to match us with the perfect mate. We never question Cupid's motives . We never ask the underlying questions is he flawed as we are? Does Cupid's arrow always fly true? Love has various contexts and multiple meanings. Cupid's Vices is a catalyst for debate regarding what we are trying to accomplish in our relationships? and Why we fail to learn from our experiences? is there a compeling variable that allow us to make the same mistakes?"

    emcee classiq cupids vices sodiem clothing

    Musically, Classiq and Rubix have teamed to create a platform where the debate is unevitable and truth is felt through sound and word. The end result is a modern love story woven out of metaphor and rhyme. Furthermore holding messages that are timesless and relevant in today's society.

    To learn more about Emcee Classiq, head on over to his Sodiem Spotlight Page.

  • Tyler Layne: New Sodiem Artist Spotlight

    Today we introduce Tyler Layne, a very talented vocalist, composer, and musician from Portsmouth, VA to the Sodiem Sponsored Artist page. Tyler has been singing since he was only 4 years old and has opened for The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson, and more. Tyler recently released his music video "Boom Boom," on his Vevo Music Channel, gaining 167,000 views in less than 2 months.

    Big thanks to Tyler for featuring our Dream Big Longsleeve on his most recent cover of Justin Beiber's "Heartbreaker" below. We love seeing talented artists on the rise and putting in work towards the pursuit of their dreams no matter what. This is what Sodiem is all about. Learn more about Tyler Layne, watch videos, and listen to his Reverb Nation music all right from his Sodiem Spotlight page now.

  • Scoobee Oh Boy Exclusive Interview

    In this new and exclusive interview with Xplizit Records, Curtis Sayon aka "Scoobee OH boy" touches on a lot of different subjects surrounding his early life and musical career. Originally from the west coast of Africa, Scoobee moved out to Minnesota at the age of 9 before settling in Des Moines, Iowa where he pursues his musical career. In this interview he also talks about his own unique style, his extreme level of dedication, how his relationship with Xplizit Records came to be and much more. Check out his video and get familiar.

  • The Sodiem Spotlight - Do Something Epic

    Sodiem will be dedicated to discovering fresh, new talent, Hip Hop Culture, including underground and up-and-coming artists, fashion, tattoo related art, and more. There are truly talented individuals out there that will never see the light of day. Competition is fierce, people are hungry, and many of these up-and-coming artists do not have the resources, connections, time, or ability to create a presence online. That is where we come in. If you are tired of hearing the same song 20 times a day on the radio, the Sodiem Spotlight is a great way to experience fresh talent from across the world. Visit the Spotlight page here.

    The Sodiem Spotlight - Do Something epic

  • This is Sodiem.

    We have worked tirelessly and endlessly to rebuild and refine our website. Since the day we launched, our servers had not been able to keep up with the traffic... until now. After implementing new features such as our street team/affiliates program, the Sodiem Spotlight, Sponsorship Program, Art Collective, and Modeling Program, we are ready to get down to business.

    We have a vision. Sodiem will be dedicated to discovering fresh, new talent, including commercial, underground up-and-coming artists, fashion, tattoo artists, models, and more. There are truly talented individuals out there that will never see the light of day. Competition is fierce, and many of these up-and-coming artists do not have the resources, connections, time, or ability to create a presence online. That is where we come in.

    In an effort to support our community, and encourage everyone to do or keep doing great things, each month, we will feature new talent on our Sodiem Spotlight page, highlighting their accomplishments, and promoting their work for a chance to acquire fans within our network around the world that may be interested in their productions.

    We are not just writing a quick post and moving on to the next like others. We are creating quality, in-depth mini-profiles that are Search Engine Optimized and tailored specifically to the type of artist to be featured. Through these profiles, and promotion campaigns, our artists can expect to be found more easily by their fans on search engines and directed to their Spotlight which will include all information related to the artist, including links to their music, bio, embedded videos, mixtapes, albums, social media websites, photos, and more.

    For more information on being featured on our Spotlight page, click here.

    We are looking forward to another great year. We thank our community, our followers, and customers that support us. We are privileged to work with great talent and love growing with them as we support their movement, not only giving talented individuals an opportunity, but providing our community a chance to experience things that are not on the mainstream.

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