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  • The Sodiem Art Collective

    Sodiem will feature art from artists all around the world and offer everyone an opportunity to collaborate with us on signature and special edition merchandise. Submit your artwork to the Sodiem Art Collective for your chance to be featured on a Sodiem product. Earn steady cashflow, build a portfolio, or collab with us for great cross promotional opportunities. For more information, click here and contact us!

    sodiem apparel art collective

  • Join The Sodiem Street Team

    If you attract fans of street wear fashion, lifestyle, and culture, Sodiem wants to partner with you! Help spread the Sodiem movement and get people to notice the brand through word of mouth, social media networking, sticker distribution, event promotion, etc. Earn real money on your own by promoting the brand and earn FREE Sodiem gear. Members have access to banners, logos, coupon codes, and personal links that they can share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. When your friends click on your personal Sodiem link and buys Sodiem gear, or uses your code, they get a discount AND you get paid real money. For more info, click here.

    Sodiem Street Team Promo

  • This is Sodiem.

    We have worked tirelessly and endlessly to rebuild and refine our website. Since the day we launched, our servers had not been able to keep up with the traffic... until now. After implementing new features such as our street team/affiliates program, the Sodiem Spotlight, Sponsorship Program, Art Collective, and Modeling Program, we are ready to get down to business.

    We have a vision. Sodiem will be dedicated to discovering fresh, new talent, including commercial, underground up-and-coming artists, fashion, tattoo artists, models, and more. There are truly talented individuals out there that will never see the light of day. Competition is fierce, and many of these up-and-coming artists do not have the resources, connections, time, or ability to create a presence online. That is where we come in.

    In an effort to support our community, and encourage everyone to do or keep doing great things, each month, we will feature new talent on our Sodiem Spotlight page, highlighting their accomplishments, and promoting their work for a chance to acquire fans within our network around the world that may be interested in their productions.

    We are not just writing a quick post and moving on to the next like others. We are creating quality, in-depth mini-profiles that are Search Engine Optimized and tailored specifically to the type of artist to be featured. Through these profiles, and promotion campaigns, our artists can expect to be found more easily by their fans on search engines and directed to their Spotlight which will include all information related to the artist, including links to their music, bio, embedded videos, mixtapes, albums, social media websites, photos, and more.

    For more information on being featured on our Spotlight page, click here.

    We are looking forward to another great year. We thank our community, our followers, and customers that support us. We are privileged to work with great talent and love growing with them as we support their movement, not only giving talented individuals an opportunity, but providing our community a chance to experience things that are not on the mainstream.

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