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New products will be announced here as soon as they drop, including any photo shoot and promos related to these new products.

  • Sodiem Fall 2013 Collection

    Time goes fast... and so do we. It has been a year and a half since we launched and in that short time, Sodiem has grown tremendously. Within the first year, Sodiem has worked with many great artists, models, featured in various websites, blogs, music videos and more. Sodiem has become a movement,  and we haven't even kicked it into full gear yet. Expect a lot more from us in the coming months. With that said, we are excited to announce the biggest drop to date; the Sodiem Fall 2013 Collection.

    sodiem clothing t shirts

    Dropping 10/10/13, this collection features for the first time, long sleeves and fitted shirts. This drop also marks the debut of our new logo; a unique, original and creative piece. Not only does it cleverly take the shape of an S, but it symbolizes our popular slogan "Seize The Dream," with a snake (derived from the Ouroboros) wrapped around a cloud. For those of you not familiar with the Ouroboros symbol, here is a close up of our "Ouros" design, which is also included in the collection.

    sodiem clothing ouroboros snake

    The Ouroboros (snake eating itself) symbolizes re-creation and cyclicality to name a few. We are all, as people, constantly evolving and in pursuit of our dreams to reach success or to be self-sustaining. This is what Sodiem is all about.

    On a side note, you may have noticed a t shirt design based on AMC's hit TV show, Breaking Bad. Sorry, but we HAD to do it. This show is absolutely amazing. if you haven't watched it, you MUST! Season 1-4 is available on Netflix. Start watching it and get acquainted just in time for the Fall 2013 drop on 10/10/2013. Pre-order now!

  • New Sodiem Apparel Impact Tee pre-order

    Pre-order the Impact Tee today and get a free wristband, free, shipping, and special pre-sale price. Sodiem clothing apaprel

    We've been working on several new logos, concepts, and artwork over the past few months. This new Impact tee represents the impact we aim to create in the world. Our presence is beginning to be felt, and its up to you to keep the momentum going. We have refined the Sodiem brand, and this tee will be sure to let everyone know what we stand for.

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